Major Achievements:

⮚ SKIM Organized first international webinar on “4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) : Changing Global management Systems and perspectives” during 25th, 26th March 2021 in collaboration with the Millennium University, Malawi, Africa and Government of Andhra Pradesh, attended by over 300 delegates from across the world

⮚ First ever Webinar in SK University is organized by SKIM on 20/11/2020 on ‘NEP-2020: Challenges in Implementation.’ About 400 participants from all over India have registered and attended the same.

⮚ SKIM took opportunities of Covid-19, and held very regular online class work through out Lock down and successfully completed III semester. Through online platform, alumnus of SKIM was invited to interact with existing students during weekends, who were very happy to be associated with their alma meter and promised further placements.

⮚ A National Seminar was organized on ‘Transformation of Global Trade Landscape – Issues, Challenges & Opportunities’ on 27th and 28th February, 2017 in which around 60 research papers were presented and 2 edited books were brought out.

⮚ World Tourism Day was celebrated with grandeur. various events and competitions were held to mark the occasion in 2017.

⮚ A National Seminar on “Creativity and innovation in Management” was organized during 29th and 30th of November 2016 was organized successfully in which, around 98 Research Papers were presented and 60 delegates participated. Research papers were published as an edited book.
⮚ SKIM Building has been extended to 1st floor to include computer lab with a capacity of 60 plus systems, two faculty chambers and a placement office. The whole construction was funded by the finances from self-funding course- MBA(Finance).
⮚ An outdoor stage was built with the funds provided by Alumni of SKIM.
⮚ To create more employment opportunities and to facilitate talented students, SKIM increased its intake of students in MBA course from 30 to 60.
⮚ SKIM has been successful in placing around 60% of its students. However, for the first time 90% placements were achieved for 2012-14 batch students and from then on about 80% on an average are placed every year.
⮚ SKIM made a provision in the fee structure for purchase of Text Books and is providing text books for all subjects to all the students since 2011 to inculcate the habit of book reading among students.
⮚ Being a backward, rural and draught prone area, students of SKIM though good in concepts, lack communication skills. To compensate, special communication and soft skill development classes were being conducted.
⮚ SKIM developed its own website with the help of its alumni at minimum cost and is generating e-brochures for summer and permanent placements.
⮚ SKIM generates its own E-brochure for its summer and permanent placements

UGC National Seminar: Transformation of Global Trade Landscape – Issues, Challenges & Opportunities-Feb 2017

World tourism day celebrations – 2017

National seminar on creativity and Innovation in Management Nov-2015

Events to Mark XVIII Convocation, S K University.

Training program on Leadership for Institutional Excellence

Placement Process underway